Disposable Car Seat Protectors (Set of 2)

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These things are perfect for when you got a muddy bum and don’t want to ruin the interior of your car on the drive home. If the shower lines are too long to get squeaky clean and you just want to bail and hit the hot shower back home then grab a couple of these and keep them handy and break them out to protect your car seat.

They are 100% waterproof, light and take up bugger-all room in your glovebox or under your seat.
Better that this happens to your car seat cover than your car seat!
The perfect protection addition to our Obstacle Racers dry bags

Grab yourself a set of two disposable car seat protectors (designed to suit all cars) and protect your front seats from mud and water.

Size: Approximately 143.5 x 75.5cm
Quantity: 2 pcs per set
Intended Use: Dispose after use
Color: Clear

These disposable plastic car seat covers fit most vehicles including commercial vehicles.