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Tired of your medals all cluttering up the doorknob behind your bedroom door?

Want to be able to display them proudly so every time you see them you are reminded of your awesomeness and the fun you had earning them?

The latest batch of Obstacle Racers Medal Racks are available for order.

This piece of hardware is as rugged as you are – 3mm thick metal that’s strong enough to handle all the Spartan Race medals you could possibly earn, plus there’s plenty of room left over for Tough Mudder and Warrior Challenge headbands, Operation Blackhawk dog tags, and even extra sticking out bits on either side of the Obstacle Racers logo to take care of your Warrior Dash furry helmet and your Urbanathlon beer cooler!

If the sheer raw power “straight-from-the-metal-shop” look is not your style, The Obstacle Racers Medal Rack can also be spray painted to suit the decor of your garage or pool room or wherever you want to display your glory. 8mm holes will allow for a wide variety of mounting hardware (not included) depending on the type of wall you are attaching it to.

Sure, you can continue hanging your precious keepsakes up on a wire hanger in your closet or draped over a hook, but medals are supposed to be displayed!

Get yours today!

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